Design Services
Visual Merchandiser

Proper visual merchandising is key to visibility & high sales for any retail establishment. With over 9 years of visual merchandising experience in a variety of retail chains, I can complete the visual composition of your brick and mortar, setup an organizational structure for your backroom, and train team members on visual upkeep, all of which will help boost sales. 

Initial Consultation Fee: $100

Continuous Visual Merchandising

Ongoing visual upkeep for your retail establishment includes: constant updates of displays & mannequins, backroom organizing, layout development of space, & signage. A monthly retainer is required for this service, allowing any changes or updates to be made per your request at all times. 

Initial Consultation Fee: $65

Monthly Retainer: $1100 per month

Showcase Production

Are you interested in showcasing your product line? Saieta Designs can produce a full fashion show or showcase showing for your garments, accessories, and/or products.

Initial Consultation Fee: $75

*Requires half of pricing as a deposit upon contract signing*

Wedding Styling

Need assistance finding the right dress & accessories for your big day? Saieta Designs offers half & full service wedding styling for you & your wedding party.

Initial Consultation Fee: $100

*CLICK HERE for full details and pricing* 

Event Styling

Fashion Events, Photo Shoots, TV Set Styling, or Formal Event Styling, Saieta Designs is able to get you ready head-to-toe for any event, production, or special day.

Initial Consultation Fee: $100

Per Hour: $40/hr (min. of 3 hours)

Needed over 12 hours: $700-$1500

Wholesale Merchandise

This service is for subscription box owners, event owners, store owners, and online retailers wanting to order beauty, jewelry, accessories, clothing, or home decor items in bulk at wholesale pricing.

Price Range: $3-$5 per item (for all beauty, accessories, jewelry, and home decor items)

Price Range: $7-$15 per item (for all clothing items)

Special Occasion/Custom-made Jewelry 

When booking for a custom jewelry appointment, clients will have the privileged of speaking with myself for a one-on-one via in-person, video message, or through email to create their perfect customized jewelry pieces for special occasions such as weddings, showers, proms, events, or just wanting something unique to add to their personal collection. Together we will go over your theme and request, then a inspiration board and sketches will be created. The client will view the final look and once approved the design process begins. 

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